Web design

Complete Web Design Service

Including planing, development, testing and promotion

1. Planing

This stage first includes the preparation of textual and visual materials with the client. Determinating site functionalities, goals and the ideal design. Scatching the design in the photoshop and showing it to the client for approval or amendment. Preparing and obtaining proper server space and domain name.

2. Development

After we have all textual and visual materials and we have determinate the look, functionalities and goals of the website we start the development proces. That includes setting up Content Managment System (CMS) on the server (we use WordPress). Coding the the design and functionalities of the website. In this stage we also take care that the site is fully optimised for mobile, tablet and desktop visitors and excelent techicaly optimised for search engines like Google.

3. Testing

Final tune and makeup of the site. Adding some new functionalities or design details if instructed by the client. Testing on all major browser and device sizes.  Setting up analitic tools like Google Analitics to colect and analise data about visitors, wich are very important for planing future promotion and content strategies. After all this is set up  we publish the site and making available to the visitors.

4. Promotion

Finished website is just like visit-card or prospect. If you dont deliver it to your potential clients its like you dont have it. Some tools and options that you have on disposal to promote your site are:

All kinds of forums, Google AdWords, Facebook Marketing

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WordPress services

Custom theme design

We can build wordpress theme for your website from scratch. This theme will have functionaltiy and design that best fits your buisness needs.

Redesign your current theme and templates

You have chose and install cool wordpress theme for your buisness website or blog that is available prebiuld on the market but you ara not 100% satisfied with its look, something is not positioned as you like, or you want additional widget areas or menus on some or on all posts / pages on your site or blog? Contact us and we can transform your theme so that your website looks like anything you want.

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More services


You have awesome design that is in PSD or other image format file and you want to convert it to valid and functional HTML 5 and CSS3 desktop and mobile website.

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