Informational tourism website about town of Nin in Croatia.



  • We finish the work in scheduled time

    Website is a selling tool. Time is money. We are aware that the more you wait, for your website to be finished, the more potential opportunity, clients and money you can loose.

  • We design website for all platforms

    Mobile phones, tablets, laptops, desktops - your visitors can see your website from any device flawlessly.

  • Google friendly

    We take search engine optimisation (SEO) very seriously during the building process. Your site will technically match all newest standards and guidelines that major search engines requires.


  • Structured content

    Content is the king of every website. High quility and good structured content is needed to present your firm in best way.

  • Structured Navigation

    Your users must be able to reach any content of your site within maximum 3 clicks.

  • Responsive Design

    This also means Mobile Friendly. Website must be flawlessly visible and usable on all devices. Check if your site is Mobile Friendly according to Google at GOOGLE MOBILE FRIENDLY TEST.

  • Page Load Speed

    Page Load Speed is very important factor for great user experience and good SEO. Together with Mobile Friendliness (Responsiveness) Page Load Speed is one of most important ranking factors on Google, especialy for mobile results. Load Speed of any page can be tested at GOOGLE PAGESPEED INSIGHTS.

  • Easy Content Management

    Website should have good content managment system to easy add new or edit an existing content fast and reliable. At WebEvolvement we trust in Wordpress as the best Content Managment System (CMS) on the market. Content editing with well-set and well coded Wordpress site is easy as a breeze.

  • Visitors tracking

    Know your visitors. Website should have implemented system to track and analyse visitors and their behavior on the website. This datas are crucial to plan and accomplish further succesfull website promotion and content strategies. At WebEvolvement we implement latest state-of-the-art visitor tracking software available on the market on every website.

  • Search Engines Optimization SEO

    Well Google Optimised website will be positioned higher at Google search results. General main factors that bring higher ranking on Google search results list are: Quality and original well structured content, Page Load Speed, Responsive Design, Number of links pointing to your site from other high quality sites (Page popularity), Technicalities that helps search engines to interpret content of your site easily and properly.

  • Social Network Optimization and Integration

    Good Social Network Optimised site is easy to share via Facebook, Twiter and other social channels. Let your user be able to share pages, products or articles from your website through social medias. WebEvolvement will optimise your website and make it easy to share.

  • Backup

    It is very important for every website to have good backup system instaled and ready to use. WebEvolvement will instal backup system and/or manage backups of your website on multiple locations. Good backup will enable restoration of your site in few minutes in cases of hacker attacks or data loss.

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